Benefits of mattress cleaning

You might think that a mattress only needs to be cleaned if there is a stain or accident on it! The truth is that your “sleep environment” needs regular cleaning. Main reason to clean your mattress is to disinfect the material, along with helping to eliminate dust, dirt and dead skin cell flakes. Is cleaning your mattress something you have never considered before? You might reconsider that! 60% of the dust mites and other pathogens found in home are located in the bedroom. Thinking of that and then of how often you use your bed, then cleaning your mattress makes so much more sense.

Extend the life of your mattress

Mattress cleaning

Either your mattress costs hundreds or thousands, a professional mattress cleaning is an affordable way to help your investment last longer. Home remedies might seems cheaper at first. But the results rarely match a professional clean. Plus, the risk of damaging the surface of your mattress or diffuse the stains over a wider area it’s so high. If you are using water to clean an accident, your mattress never fully dries. That will cause mould and fungi to grow hidden inside your mattress.

Allergy management

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As mentioned before, 60% of the dust mites and other pathogens are located in your bedroom. More than that, most of them live mainly in your mattress. It is well known that they are a highly common trigger for allergies, including asthma, eczema and rhinitis. That is not surprising, when you find out that an average bed has over 10,000 dust mites living it. It doesn’t matter how new the mattress is, how often you change the sheets, mattress cover, or even vacuum it.  It takes a clinically developed, scientific and professional application to remove the enemy within. Cleaning your mattress every 6 to 12 months, reduces the exposure and built up of allergens. Also, gives you a total piece of mind for a safe sleep environment.

Healthier indoor air quality

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Having good indoor air quality is an important part of living in a healthy home. You can improve it by reducing the sources of allergens and irritants in your home. Dust particles, for example, lead to poor indoor air quality that causes health issues as throat and eye irritation, sneezing, watery eyes and fatigue. There are various ways of reducing the exposure to these allergens! The most common one, is establishing good house clean routines. When comes to your bedroom, cleaning your mattress regularly, will dramatically improve your indoor air quality.

Piece of mind

piece of mind

I am sure you are all familiar with the “clean sheet feel”. While is hard to describe why this felling is so unique, we can all agree it is so satisfying. Now, add to that, a fresh cleaned mattress. Not only you will be able to see the hidden dirt being removed, but your mattress will be so fresh that you will feel and smell the difference. Having a clean, hygienic mattress to sleep on can help you rest easier with greater peace of mind. A quality night’s sleep helps improve emotional wellness and physical health, so a clean mattress is good for your well-being.

Sanitize after accidents

Either you are potty training a toddler or your pet loves to be in bed all day, accidents might and will happen. Odours from urine and body fluid stains are notoriously difficult to get rid off from a soiled mattress. While you might be tempted to clean it yourself, this job is better to be left to professionals. Have a look at our amazing results by checking our Facebook page.

Professional cleaning and sanitizing your mattress is especially useful in homes with pets, little children, the sick and elderly.

Eco Friendly

Does your mattress have a stain or a bad smell? Do not rush into throwing it out. A large number of mattresses end up in the skip and only a very small portion are recycled. Manufactures are telling us that a mattress should be changed every 8 years. The truth is that most of the mattresses could last longer than that, if they are well cared for. As long as your mattress is structurally sound and comfortable, there is absolutely no need to throw it away. Instead just give us a call and we will advise the best approach to help prolong its life and reduce the impact on your pocket and future generations.

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