Both box springs and foundations serve as excellent bed bases, providing your mattress with desired support and enhancing your bed’s performance. Though both serve the same purpose , they differ from each other and is a large debate regarding the use of  “box spring vs foundation”.

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress and bed frame, there is an important decision to be make before buying your “dream” bed. You need to determine either to want a box spring or foundation to support your new mattress. Depending on the type of base you choose, you will buy a specific type of mattress and bed frame. And the things work the other way around also! Your choice of bed frame and mattress will determine the type of base you need.


What’s a box spring?

A traditional box spring, or divan in some other countries, is a type of mattress base traditionally designed to support an innerspring mattress. Box springs are made with a wooden frame, steel support springs, and a cloth cover. There is also a chance that instead of wood, a box spring may be entirely made of steel. Coils in the box spring promote airflow while providing sturdy support. The extra give from the box spring ensures even distribution of weight on the surface and prevents sagging. It is common to find a box-spring and mattress being used together without the support of a frame underneath. The box spring is mounted directly on casters standing on the floor.

As mentioned before, box springs are best paired with traditional innerspring mattresses because the layer of coils inside serve as shock absorbers, reducing motion transfer. Other mattress types like memory foam or latex are not compatible because these heavier mattresses may break the coils, leading to sagging. Make sure you check with the manufacture if they require the use of a box spring or not. Depending on this, your warranty might remain/or not, valid!


  • they elevate your bed;
  • they serve as shock-absorbers;
  • coils promote airflow and enhance breathability;
  • supports the mattress;


  • springs break down over time;
  • noise potential;
  • risk of sagging;
  • not compatible with some mattress types;

What’s a foundation?

A mattress foundation is a wooden box with wood slats across the surface, usually covered by a breathable fabric. Unlike box springs, foundations are designed for more support than give. The spacing between the slats determines the support provided by the foundation. The less space in between slats the better the support—usually 2 to 3 inches apart. The strong support may cause the mattress to feel firmer. Foundations are compatible with most mattress types—sturdy enough to bear the weight of heavy latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses. It may be placed on a platform bed too to enhance support.


  • compatible with most mattress types;
  • durable;
  • strong and even support;


  • heavy;
  • lacks give;
  • may create pressure points with a firmer surface;



If you still can’t make up your mind, have a look at the “box spring vs foundation” table below:

Parameters Box Spring Foundation
Support Supports your mattress while providing enough give and bounce Provides firmer support for your mattress—good for those looking for a firmer bed
Durability Spring coils are prone to wear and tear causing broken coils and noise potential Firm, even support lasts longer. More durable than a box spring
Weight Lighter than a solid structure foundation Heavier than a box spring, making transportation difficult.
Compatibility with Mattress Types Compatible with innerspring beds Compatible with memory foam, latex, hybrid, and innerspring beds
Avg. Price (Queen) €100-300 €200-500